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What is the Work of a Waste Yarn Bobbin Cutting Machine?

Ananya Dixit -

December 4, 2021

Waste Yarn Bobbin Cutting Machine

The popular Automatic Cheese Pipe cleaning machine is considered to be one of the most beneficial machines. It is higher in demand. The machines are developed in such a way that they would decrease your cost of labour and can generate higher output with lower running costs.

With this machine, the old manual methods can be easily replaced. It can minimize the use of electric hot wire, scissors, blades as well as knife cutters for cutting the tapes. It can automatically cut both the PP/HDPE tapes and yarns.

Moreover, it can also separate cheese pipes very conveniently and separate waste. There is no effect or damage on bobbins during the entire cutting activity. Since this procedure takes place at a very high speed.

How many types of plastic machinery are there?

There are different names of waste yarn bobbin cutting machines such as Waste Bobbin thread yarn cleaning cutter machine, Automatic Waste Bobbin Yarn Cutting Machine, as well as PP Woven Bag Making Waste Yarn Bobbin Cutting Cleaning Machine etc.

While talking about processing technology the division of plastic machinery can be done into several categories. Amongst it the most common ones are listed below:-

#1. Extruder machines 

During the moulding process, some of the plastic materials such as propylene, nylon and polythene are heated till the time they become fluid in nature.

Passing through an extrusion port after cooling the fluid transforms into a perfect shape after a continuous and long production procedure.

Moulding is primarily used for profiled materials, pipes, drinking straws as well as rods.

#2. Film blowing machines

With the help of this machine, the particles of the planet get heated and after, that it squandered into a film. Old materials such as recycled bags are used for the development of both particles as well as pigments; their further addition is done to give colours. The working principles of such film blowing machines such as POF, PE is dependent on the cooling system and spirals machine temperature.

#3. Injection moulding machines

From automotive parts to wire spools and bottle caps this machine is used to process plastic.  By using this machine molten plastic can be easily injected into the mould cavity for the generation of the end product.

They are specified for their capacity of weight and different ranges of usage. Besides the production of a wide range of plastic products, it is also regarded as one of the key instruments for the procedure of stretch bowing.

What is the use of a waste yarn bobbin cutting machine?

The designing of this machine is done in such a way it would fulfil the day to day requirements of manpower problems and it would increase the output of the industry by lessening the cost.

The machine is very user friendly and anyone can easily operate be it, unskilled operators. In comparison to the old or traditional method of usage of hot wire or blade which might prove to be a little risky since it constitutes the potential to cause some damage or burn your hand.

The waste yarn bobbin cutting machine is designed so that none of its critical parts is opened which assures the safety and security of the operators. By reduction of manpower, not only increases efficiency but also production rate and saves abundant time.

The work is done a lot faster in comparison to the manual method. The machine is equipped in such a way that it can easily cut 35-40 bobbins each minute.

What are the features of this machine?

Some of the features of it are enumerated below :-

  • Saving of huge tape/yarn wastage
  • Increases efficiency
  • Easy operation
  • Saves a lot of time along with manpower cost
  • The work can be done with only one operator
  • Cost-effective
  • Perfect replacement of older method to cut yarn
  • Accurate
  • Higher production rate
  • Unskilled operators can easily use it
  • User friendly


The technical details of such machines such as speed, layout, voltage, dimensions, the diameter of the bobbin, host power as well as weight can be adjusted according to the specifications of the clients.

The machines can also be customized with various sizes of bobbins. Hence this machine is very useful.

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