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A Guide to PP Jumbo Bags and How to Preserve the Products in It from Moisture

Ananya Dixit -

January 12, 2022

PP Jumbo Bag

Are you into the export business and searching for an ideal bag for carrying out the products without causing damage? Then, the FIBC bag opts to be the best choice. Such FIBC bags are commonly termed bulk bags or big bags or even as PP jumbo bags. But, the selection of the bags is entirely depending upon needs and purpose because the numbers of options are too many. Singhal Industries Private Limited is one of the most reputed brand names amongst PP jumbo bag manufacturers.

What is PP Jumbo Bags?

PP Jumbo bags are the ideal choice for about all industry because it is needed to store, pack and transport every type of solid material which is dry as well as bulky. These bags are featured with space and cost-saving qualities. The design of the bag is extremely flexible for use, has weight carrying capacities, and can withstand every sort of toughest condition.

Why is important to select the right bag?

But, it is needed to select the correct bags which ensure safety and efficiency while handling. While filling and discharging bags, a build-up of static electricity is developed due to finely powdered substances which flow in and out of the bags. It comes to risk when transport is flammable or combustible goods. Therefore, the selection of correct FIBC bags can prevent the occurrence of damages. It is discovered that maximum damages are caused due to moisture. Therefore, it needs to find out some of the other ways to protect the sensitive products from moisture.

How to preserve sensitive products from moisture in bulk bags or PP jumbo bags?

Dry and flowable powders are found to be quite susceptible to moisture that could get intruded on while packing in the bulk carrying bags. Products like cement-based real estate products, food ingredients as well as hazardous chemicals are found to be quite sensitive to moisture. Whereas, products such as quicklime as well as other spent catalyst have the potential to release dangerous and higher amounts of heat when comes in contact with water. Proper protection of bulk powder products can reduce or eliminate the proportion of the risk of getting spoiled, clumped, or contaminated. And in a few of the extreme cases, it can prevent accidents or spills.

Use coated FIBC:

 A coated FIBC is also an FIBC but it is composed of standard woven fabric that is laminated with PP film layers. The film layer is approximately 1.0 mil or even lesser which can be applied interior as well as the exterior of the fabric of the bag. The layer helps in reducing the airflow, moisture transmission, and dusting of the content. But, the layer does not have strength properties. These coated FIBC bags are referred to as laminated or non-breathable bags that is an ideal choice for the particles which range from smaller than 125 microns or 120 meshes.

Make use of lined FIBC:

A lined FIBC bulk bag comprises of internal film liner. Such bags offer the best protection against moisture entry and product shifting. The liners are composed of various materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, aluminum foil, and Ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVOH).  This bag takes the form of fit or tubular. The liners are easy to install in the bag or get glued with the entire body of the bag. Moreover, liners are cuffed in the bag opening so that it becomes easy to load as well as unload. These bags are best suited for food ingredients, ultra-fine materials, cementitious products as well as hazardous chemicals.

Make use of ploy covers:

Polyethylene pallets covers are quite simple but found to be an effective solution to protect the products from moisture as well as exposure to the sun. Poly covers are considered a wonderful trash bag that fits palletized material.  Palletized material is a type of FIBC that is even known as 25kg paper bags or boxes. Generally, covers come in various colors, sizes, and film thicknesses.  Besides all, poly covers are more secured to the pallet with stretch film or strapping. It can even be printed just to serve the purpose of product identification.

Make use of shrink film poly cover:

A heated shrink film cover appears as a standard poly cover. The primary difference is that the heat shrink film is provided with the design to shrink or mold itself all around the product which has to be palletized with the application of heat. Howsoever, heat shrink requires a heat gun for the transmission of heat so that the work is executed smoothly. Shrink films are featured as a stronger option with the ability to stabilize pallet loads either by reducing or eliminating moisture intrusion. Shrink film covers are printed for products identification.


Thus, finding the right bulk bags, coating or liner is quite important to prevent all the products either dry or sensitive to moisture. Therefore, the FIBC bag manufacturer has tailored the best solution that meets the customer specification, storage and transportation need throughout the industries prevail all across the world. The manufacturing practice is integrated with the global standard to maintain the quality control of the bags to meet the demand.

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