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Remove Residue Yarn from Bobbins with Cheese Pipe Cleaning Machine

Ananya Dixit -

September 21, 2022


Popularly known by multiple names like Automatic waste bobbin yarn cutting machine, Waste yarn bobbin cutting machine, or waste bobbin thread yarn cleaning cutter machine – the Automatic Bobbin Yarn Cleaning Machine is your one-stop solution for waste yarn cutting. With electro-mechanical integration, the machine is appropriate for saving the environment and preventing excessive heat loss. The machine delicately cuts the HDPE tapes and separates the pipes. Thus the total activity remains undamaged.

Working principles of cheese pipe cleaning machine

The power loom industry is currently struggling with workforce issues and raised costs that encourage manufacturers to develop high-effective innovations. Here comes the role of the Waste PP Yarn Cutting Machine! This renowned machine is highly in demand for easily separating the cheese pipes and waste. The hot blades of the machines do this segregation to ensure high efficiency. The machine is designed to be very user-intuitive, saving unnecessary operational time. The machine can be adjusted per clients’ needs compared to the manual procedure. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the potential of this highly demanding machine.

Product characteristics

  • The semi-automatic machine requires a low labor force
  • A high production rate ensures saving both time and money
  • Efficiently operated even by unskilled labor
  • Integration of the latest technology helps in conserving power of almost 35%
  • Zero moving parts around the workspace of the operator, thus maximizing safety.
  • The temperature of the blades can be controlled as per the requirements
  • Provides high output at a low operational cost
  • Having cutting efficiency of 60 bobbins/minute
  • High speed and smooth procedure
  • Saves massive wastage of tape or yarn
  • The cost-effective method with high accuracy
  • Easy maintenance and uninterrupted operation
  • Robust technology to continue the operation smoothly.


The machinery is specifically crafted to meet the shortage of staffing problems. The tool is designed with the latest technology so that even untrained laborers can ensure the machine’s smooth operation without burning their hands. Automatic Bobbin Yarn Cleaning Machine is mainly used in industries including wire, weaving, ropes, webbing, etc. There’s no alternative to this machine in cutting the waste yarn from the tape plant’s bobbins. Compared to traditional tape cutting methods like knife cutter, hot wire, scissor, blade, and other tools, this machine can do everything with utmost safety. Considering the shortage of human resources and the need for speedy production, this state-of-the-art machine provides the best protection to the engineers working with it and makes the process seamless.

Rely on the best Waste PP Yarn Cutting Machine manufacturer to minimize dependency on human resources with increased production

By now, it is clear that the machine is highly efficient in giving quality services. Contacting the most reliable and experienced bobbin cutting machine manufacturers ensures customizing machines as per the used bobbins. Not only that, but the in-house engineers also guide in installing and operating the machine so that there’s no interference in the waste cutting. It helps make a robust relationship with the customer that never gets broken. The machine’s technical specifications, including the diameter of the bobbin, voltage, speed, host power, voltage, and others, can be customized as the clients’ instruct.

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