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Advantages & Applications of PP Jumbo Bags – FIBC bags

Ananya Dixit -

November 13, 2021

Jumbo Bags

Storing industrial products is a mammoth task, and it is impossible to keep these products in ordinary commercial bags that we use for our daily purposes. However, we have a product to carry heavy industrial products, and these PP Jumbo Bags are used to ship products from one place to another.

These bags are often called FIBC bags and are used because of their flexible structure and stiff canvas.

Types of FIBC

These PP Jumbo bags are one of a kind as various companies rapidly take them up to ship their product. There are different types of Jumbo bags, and here are some of the types available in the market:

  1. Regular FIBC- these are comparatively lightweight and do not have any static protection as such. These have fabric clothing around.
  2. Anti-Static Bag- This is another type of FICB Bag. This one is not very potent to handle high voltage current. Hence, it is advisable not to put in any combustible or flammable objects or be taken care of them properly.
  3. Conductive Bag- As the name suggests, these have thread yarning and are made conductive by creating earthing points. These are comparatively stronger than the two types.
  4. Dissipative Bags- This type of FICB bag is made of anti-static fibres, and they do not need to be earthed. However, this condition works only if the machines around are fully earthed.

These are the types of FICB available in the market at present. Due to this wide variety of FICB or PP Jumbo bags, there has been a rapid urge to include these jumbo bags for shipping purposes in different industries of the World. These products have turned out to be highly beneficial.


Here are some of the applications of the FIBC out of the broad spectrum it has sustained itself in.

  1. Construction- Used for carrying rubbish and building materials for construction purposes.
  2. Agriculture- After the harvest, these harvests are packed in jumbo bags and taken to the market. It also keeps the product fresh and good.
  3. Gardening- Carrying a lot of flower pots, soils, mulches, and other things.
  4. Building Materials- this is no different from the one at the construction site. However, building material closely refers to cement, sand, stone, rubble, etc.
  5. Agri-food and by-products- agricultural products are transferred via these jumbo bags.

As we discussed earlier, we would be picking up very few applications of this bag from the flexible and stretched-out applications involved. Hence, we have chosen some of the most prominent applications.


If you feel that we have not spoken enough about handling these bags, then we will say that you have to be extra careful while holding these bags. Here are specific house rules applied while running them, which anyone should know. These are as follows:

  1. Damage-Free Equipment- Ensure that your lifting process is smooth and that all the appliances used in the lifting process are safe and not facing any danger.
  2. Lift Loops- We have often noticed that all the lifting loops are often not used, which can cause severe damage to the bag and ultimately to the product within it.
  3. Trained Personnel- While handling this product, trained personnel should be present at the scene. It is better advised that handling FIBC should be the work of the trained personnel only.
  4. Official Guidelines- It is essential to read and follow the official guidelines in handling this product. It is also an excellent manual guide if you are a beginner in this business and want to get things done neatly and perfectly.
  5. Dragging- Make sure that the pp jumbo bags are not removed, and while transporting, they are on a high raised platform so that the things do not get damaged from below.

So these are the details as to how to handle these bags as they are practically a new concept in the arena, and people need to be educated in this sector. It is also recommended to pass on the knowledge to save the resources, and the work can be done efficiently and perfectly.

Other Industries

As we have that PP Jumbo bags are not the products for a retail showroom or anything as such. It is used in several sectors like:

  1. Petrochemicals- While transporting etrochemicals and other products from that industry
  2. Construction- we have stated earlier that the construction industry desperately needs the assistance of the PP Jumbo bags.
  3. Industrial Purposes- in big factories, industrial practices are essential.
  4. Food Manufacturing Industries- this is another society, including agriculture and other types of food manufacturing, where these bags have constantly been used.

These are all the other industries where PP Jumbo bags have made an impact. However, this goes unsaid that Jumbo bags are no longer based on any drive, making their industry.


In this article, we have given you a deep insight into the FIBC or pp jumbo bag, and this one can be of really great help to you.

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