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FIBC Bulk Bags – Packaging That Suits Your Needs

Ananya Dixit -

August 24, 2022


PP Jumbo Bags are a type of plastic packaging which is normally utilized in the transporting and storage of items in huge quantities such as foodstuffs, chemicals, and wood. These bulk Bags are created from high-density polyethene. FIBC Bulk Bags are always utilized for ferrying bulk materials, including food, chemicals, and lumber. They are utilized to ferry big amounts of products in a single shipment, saving time, money, and space.

PP Jumbo Bags can be deployed in several ways relying on the use case or necessity of the customer. For example: when transferring foodstuff due to the likely health hazards if endangered to oxygen during shipping, additions in some chemicals could cause plasticizers to respond with other materials while in the warehouse; since FIBC Bulk Bags are not recyclable, they would be expunged alongside with other waste. These use cases have benefited to shape FIBC Bulk Bags into the product we are today. There is no demand for other bulk materials like pallets and forklift access in place because they can accommodate inside of a standard truck or trailer. The core of what makes our bags so extraordinary and creative is the FIBC Bulk Bag itself.

Our output is constructed to be easy to use while conserving the highest possible standards of quality. We structure a product that has been through numerous severe tests and experiments to assure that it can last the life of your bag. Our bags are formulated out of a high-grade polyethene film, assuring the best stability of all supplementary products. With no more staples or tape needed for assembly, our bags are truly remarkable in this area since there is no more time consumed when utilizing other bulk packaging brands. It also has a superior barrier against dirt, dust, and gas and shows outstanding UV resistance from several types of light.

What are FIBC Bulk Bags?

While we think about packaging bags then PP Jumbo Bags are our primary choice. Let’s understand what Bulk Bags are. FIBC Bulk Bags are a packaging product made of adaptable film. These bags are very light in weight and can be easily carried. These bags are available in different sizes and shapes, enabling customization of the packaging as per the requirement. FIBC Bulk Bags are excellent for transporting huge quantity items such as nuts, bolts, screws, and other small parts.

Know the benefits of FIBC Bulk Bags

We also know these bags as PP Jumbo bags. These bags are very flexible; this characteristic makes these bags easy for carrying or transporting goods. Bulk Bags have a smooth, high-quality finish and a tight stamp to deter leaks or spills. These bags can be restored with up to 1400 pounds, and they offer reasonable security against disclosure to moisture and severe weather. These bags are normally used as transporting packaging and can be used for drug, food, and beverage applications.

Why choose PP Jumbo Bags?

FIBC Bags accentuates a high-density level, eradicating the necessity for large boxes. Even in highly corrosive climates, the bags propose outstanding safety for sensitive products. While making FIBC Bags strong materials that withstand cracks and punctures from effects or scratches from dealing with equipment are used. They can be effortlessly machine-sewn utilizing hot air devices to construct sealable layers around the top opening and bottom drain vent holes.

Types of FIBC Bulk Bags

There are various FIBC bulk bags available in the market today. Every bulk bag has its unique benefits that make packaging your products more convenient and productive.

The first type of FIBC bulk bag is the open-top bag. These bags are mostly utilized for those products that need to be excavated to air, such as food or flowers. Utilizing an open-top bag lets the consumer glimpse what’s inside the bag and decide if they want to purchase it.

The Second type of PP Jumbo bag is the sack-style bag. This type of bag is generally used for stocks that don’t require to be endangered to air, such as electronics or medicines. Utilizing a sack-style bag is further portable and can keep up additional product than an open-top bag.

Last but not least, there’s the film-style bag. This type of bag is commonly used for these products which require safety from moisture and dust, such as medical equipment or apparel. Utilizing a film-style bag is that it keeps the property inside the bag and doesn’t enable air or moisture into the product.

PP Jumbo Bags Manufacturer

If you are planning to purchase any type of FIBC bulk bags or PP Jumbo Bags or 1 Ton Bulk Bag, then never think twice before choosing Singhal Industries for your needs. As we have a reputation of making High-Quality packaging bags as per your requirement.

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