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Plastic Industries Must Know About Screw Barrel and its Features

Ananya Dixit -

January 13, 2022

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There are lots of industries that are producing plastic products but every company or manufacturing unit requires a plastic-type of machinery. For that, you need to select the correct size Screw and Barrel. There is a common mistake that most of the industrialists made at the time of manufacturing the plastics products as by choosing the wrong Screw Barrel.  In any plastic processing industry, screw barrels hold an important role. The requirements of the plastic industry are filled by the Screw Barrel.

Without using a Screw Barrel process for any plastic product unit can’t reach the final stage. Also, with the help of these Screw Barrels, the product unit can easily achieve the required amount of output.

Benefits of Screw and Barrel

Although there are various benefits of using screws and barrels in plastic product manufacturing units. Before you start using it you must know its features in detail. Below mentioned are a few major benefits of using it.

  • High-Maintenance Not Required

This product is a very low maintenance product hence you don’t require very high equipment or sources to maintain its quality. That is why it can be easily handled by the industries.

  • Highly Durable

It is also known for its high durability as once you purchase this you don’t need to change it regularly.

  • Excellent Strength

Another plus point of this product has its strength. This product comes with excellent strength and you will experience it after using it.

  • Easily Availability

One more thing which goes into favour of this product is its availability. This product is very easily available.

  • Robust Structure

The efficiency of screw and barrel has been increased by the Robust Structure of the machinery.

Where are these most used?

We already know that Screw and Barrel are used in those industries that produce plastic items. But apart from the plastics industries, many other industries are using this product to make their most successful and profitable. We have below mentioned a few areas which also use this tool.

  • Small Scale Industries
  • Cable Wire Industries
  • Food Processing Industries

Apart from the above-mentioned industries, other industries use screws and barrels to smoother the process of generation and get the production.

What are the types of Screw and Barrels?

As most of the products have different types, so do these screws and barrels. This product has various types and all are very useful for manufacturing units. You can consider the below-mentioned types of screw barrel.

  • Injection Moulding Barrels

The product made from Injection Moulding Barrels lasts for a long time and it can ensure a very smooth production process. This is a full steel moulding barrel.

  • Plastic Manufacturing Business

This type of product requires the best design and it is a very important item for any plastic product manufacturing business.

  • Extruder Screws

This is a process of creating any product by forcing the metal through an orifice and forming the shape of any screw.

  • Extruder Barrels

This type is very similar to the Extruder Screws but it is also similar to that of the blow moulding barrel. It is a varied product and is also considered one of the most valuable products.

What are the Characteristics?

Below mentioned are some of the specifications of Screw Barrels. It is called the scientific mechanism behind its every characteristic.

  • Surface finish and construction materials
  • The ratio of compression
  • Confirmation geometric
  • The length and the diameter ratio
  • Axial Holes may be required for thermoregulation
  • The angle of the helix and that of pitch

What are the Types of Necessary Wear?

When you plan to purchase a barrel or screws then you have to match the types of wear that you require.

  • Abrasive Wear

If any fillers can damage any surface damage induced by talc, glass fibres, calcium carbonate etc. This can be sorted under abrasive wear.

  • Corrosive Wears

If any barrel or screws are affected due to a chemical reaction then it immediately wears away. To keep your tool safe from these types of problems you need to ensure that you are using corrosive wear while fitting the screw barrels.

  • Adhesive Wears

Due to overheating, one metal can clench to each another or push as the screw rotates. If you use the adhesive wear then you can have appropriate and tough work.

Screw Barrel Manufacturers

Mahira Polyglobal LLP is a famous screw barrel producer and exporter of numerous ranges of single and twin parallel screw and barrel. We are one of the best Barrel and Screw manufacturers and always produce the finest quality of products. You can easily get the various types of extruder screw barrels that are used in blown film extrusion, pellet extruder, granulating machine, plastic extrusion, food and rubber industries etc.

We are also very best in manufacturing the screw and barrels in different materials like HDPE, LDPE, PVC, PP according to the Customers requirements.

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