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Requirement of Screw Barrels for Plastic Processing Industry

Ananya Dixit -

February 24, 2022

Screw Barrel Manufacturer

An essential part of any plastics production process is the screw barrel. Having any plastic processing equipment is a need. A screw barrel is critical to the manufacturing process’s performance. The screw barrel has been implemented to ensure that the product is smoothed out and that the output is provided at the speed indicated.

The companies will focus on processes that utilize single screw extruders since they’re the most prevalent. Because of their low cost, simplicity, and ability to provide a continuous output, single screw barrel machines are pretty popular.

There are two words that spring to mind when thinking about this process: extrusion and thermoplastics.

To shape the material in thermoplastic extrusion, the material must first be heated to soften it. This operation is carried out using an extruder, which is also known as an extrusion machine. The term “plasticization,” “thermal softening,” or “plasticization” are all used interchangeably to describe this process of material softening under heat.

Single-screw extruders make up the overwhelming bulk of the market. The screw barrel is in charge of guiding the material into the mold and then out the other side. Immediately after the die or post-extrusion shaping has given the product its final form, the product is cooled while maintaining shape. Post extrusion equipment is the technical term for this piece of machinery, while an extrusion line refers to the whole system as a whole.

Design and Development of Equipment

Looking at the design and development factor, here Figure 1 is a cutaway view of a simple single screw machine. The machine’s various parts are shown in this diagram concerning one another. An essential part of plastic extrusion is using screw and barrel action to move and melt the plastic before forcing it through the die.

The screw is rotated at a predetermined speed using an electric motor and a gearbox. There are temperature controls on the barrel that maintain a constant temperature between the set and desired levels.

The screw-and-barrel assembly’s ability to extrude a given material is influenced by many factors, including the barrel and screw’s quality or structure, the plastic’s characteristics, and the system’s operating circumstances.

Decompression of the melt is accomplished by reducing the diameter of the screw root for a part of the extrusion barrel’s length. At this point, a barrel vent is added, allowing the vapor to escape (when venting is not needed, the vent may be plugged and not used). By expanding the screw root’s diameter, the vapor-free melt may be re-compressed and guided to the die.

A dam or torpedo section is placed onto the screw just before the opening to prevent the melt from escaping via the vent aperture. As a consequence of its design and operation (variable screw shape and high L/D ratio), it has been shown that the vented machines provide excellent mixing.

Following Extrusion, Extrusion Equipment

There are various ways in which the extradite may be configured to the desired shape, and it all depends on how it leaves the die. Extruders that do this task are known as “post extrusion equipment” or “haul-off,” They’re often much larger than the extruders they’re replacing. This is because plastics take a long time to cool, and the rate at which the line moves depends on how quickly plastics cool.

New technologies have been used to ensure that the screw barrel is manufactured effectively and that the product is suitable for screwing owing to its inner and outer diameters. According to the kind of injection molding machine, barrels ranging in diameter from 26mm to 45mm are available.

Many other industries may profit from this technology as well, such as food processing equipment and cable wire machines.

The fundamental objective of the product, according to the definition, is to improve the efficiency of the production process while still attaining the intended outcome.


  • There are many uses for it because of its durability and low-maintenance needs.
  • Both a basic and a customized version of the kit are available.

Mahira Polyglobal LLP is the Screw barrel manufacturer meeting the demands of the industries. They can create the screw using high-quality plastic purchased from reputable vendors with the help of their procurement agents.

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