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Choosing The Right Screw And Barrel: All Factors

Ananya Dixit -

September 3, 2021

screw barrel

If you are a company that requires plastic production types of machinery, you need to choose a screw and barrel of the correct size. A common mistake that industrialists make during their plastic product manufacturing process is to select the wrong screw barrels. It’s not the screw barrel manufacturer, but the customer who buys it always keeps the screw part as a secondary task.

Purchasing new machinery means looking for a machine with upgraded dry cycle speed, clamp speed, performance, controls, etc. Companies always look for devices with the features mentioned in the previous line due to their chances of high productivity. It is the same reason why they don’t take screw barrels as seriously as the other features.

Even though it’s still a secondary component for buying new machines, situations have changed over the years, and companies now pay more attention to screw barrel manufacturers. It’s essential for companies why it’s necessary to choose the right screw and barrel for the betterment of their production.

Change in the Thought Process of Companies

Long ago, companies would neglect the screw barrel part and focus only on some specific features of a machine. The features help to ensure maximum production. However, stables have turned in the last ten years, and industries developed new upgraded technologies. Companies these days use better resin, which maximises production and reduces the scrap. Since plastic and resin are the most demanding in industries, people are still researching them for development.

Such development demands caught the attention of manufacturers to choose proper screws and barrels if they want maximum production with minimum scrap.

Selection of the Right Screw and Barrel

Selecting the right screw barrel is not as simple as it seems. There are various factors the manufacturer must consider while choosing the right screw barrel. The right crew barrel such as cycle time, heat, melting temperature, machine size, recovery time, etc. All the elements play a vital role in affecting the product’s material and industrial standard.

Screw barrel manufacturers often skip upgrading the parts of the screw barrel to the latest technologies. Especially when a manufacturer wants to upgrade their existing machines, they need to find the barrel of the right size and other features to maximize their production.

Two ratios are vital for choosing a screw and barrel that fits your requirement. Firstly, it’s important to select between screw and barrel, which has a unique ratio, and next is the screw, non-select design, and metallurgy. It’s crucial to choose the right screw and barrel for each application. One of the many reasons the screw barrel technology is not that popular is because the discussion is often aftermarket. Many manufacturers have used machines to produce their products for years and do not care about the screw barrel application. Over the years, various technical upgrades came out for the development of screw barrel settings. Screw barrel manufacturers keep improving the coating, sizing, and metallurgy. Such continuous improvement paid off as it showed improvement in various aspects.

Upgradation of the sizing of screw and barrel coatings. And metallurgy made a difference in efficiency, performance, and general material handling versus potential cost and changes related to the clamp end. There is no denying that many industries require the same product. However, the exact product comes in various varieties to fit the needs of each sector. It is another reason manufacturers must consider all the factors while selecting screws and barrels for their machines.

Whether purchasing a new and upgraded machine for molding plastics or retrofitting an existing appliance, plastic molders need to check their screw barrels. Sometimes it’s only that screw and barrel that do not fit properly, leading to unsatisfactory production. Selecting a screw and barrel that matches all the requirements for your machine and industry can help you increase the machine’s output with minimum scrap.

Plastic molders take the screw barrel selection more seriously these days because choosing the right screw barrel for your plastic application plays a vital role, whether it’s a success or failure of a machinery cell. It’s not that people should start prioritizing screw barrels over the other crucial features of a machine, such as performance, clamp speed, etc.

However, keeping the screw barrel on their priority list is essential while looking for a new machine or upgrading an existing device. Although, the industry realized the importance of screw barrels a few years ago and kept researching its improvement. Not to deny, the improvements manufacturers made to screw barrels gave them satisfactory results.


If you are involved in the plastic production industry, you might also participate in various discussions on screw barrels. If maximum production with minimum scrap is what you want, ensure the appropriate screw barrel for your machines. Considering all the factors will help the process.

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