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PP Jumbo Bags – Different Types and Usage as Per Requirements

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April 11, 2022


PP Jumbo Bags, or bulk bags, are huge polypropylene bags that store and/or convey dry or dangerous materials. FIBC is a bulk bag, giant sack, huge bag, or tonne bag, is a stretchy fabric commercial container intended for transporting and storing dry, thermoplastic goods such as sand, manure, and plastic granules.

FIBCs are typically made of heavy woven threads of aligned polypropylene, both coated and uncoated, and typically measure 45–48 inches in length and 100–200 cm high. Its usual size is roughly 1,000 kg or 2,200 lb. However, larger ones can hold considerably more. An FIBC way to carry one metric ton of cargo will carry only 2.3–3.2 kg.

Transportation and trying to load are carried out on boxes or by raising it from the loops. Bags are available, including one, two, or four lifting loops. The single loop bag is ideal for one-man operating because the looping does not have to be attached to the loading hook by a second man. Having to empty is facilitated by one unique hole in the bottom, including a release spout, from which numerous options are available, or by cutting it open.

FIBC diameters are offered depending on customer requirements. PP Jumbo bags normally accommodate 2000 – 4000 lbs (1000 – 2000 Kgs) of merchandise and are often put on pallets by overhead cranes utilizing the connected side lift loops. These bags are primarily made of woven polypropylene (PP) fabric and take the form of cubic bags. The material used could be a single sheet with an additional loose liner, or it could be coated. It also can build a comprehensive, customized FIBC to suit your specific procedure or business requirements.

Several sectors use FIBCs, such as aggregates, agricultural, industrial, building, food, fertilizer, leather, fabrication, fisheries; pet packaged foods, and medicines. Standard jumbo bags are made in coated and uncoated varieties, with internal PE liners, barrier liners, etc. The material of these bags can be laminated or un-laminated, even without a liner (PE Film), and the mass varies based on the needs of the Safe Working Load (SWL) or Safety Factor (SF).

Raising choices to differ and it can be created on order. FIBCs can be drained in various ways, but perhaps the most typical is through an exit spout connected to the bottom of the sack. The drainage spout can sometimes be hidden under a bottom closure, such as a petal shutdown, pajama closure, or star / x-cut closing. The closure is aimed to safeguard the outflow and keep the product from spilling or sieving out of the outlet before it has been needed. Discharging spouts come in various styles, and they can be built to order.

Whenever it relates to the production of heavy food and medical applications, PP jumbo bags have assumed greater importance. These bags are strong and long-lasting, even under the harshest climate and environmental factors, and they are also inexpensive to use. PP Jumbo Bags Manufacturers make woven polypropylene fabric that is clean and suitable and may be recycled several times. FIBC bags are classified into several categories, each with its purpose.

Jumbo bags are highly valued in the pharmaceutical and food industries. If there is an excess of electrostatic attraction within certain materials, static electricity arises. The movement of finely ground particles can cause static electricity accumulation when FIBC bags are loaded or quickly emptied. When it comes to packing and shipping combustible products, it is critical to eliminate or avoid an electrostatic current.

The Various Sorts of FIBC Bags and Related Applications

The main kinds of PP Jumbo Bags are created, and each type of bag performs a different jumbo bag function.

Bags for standard FIBCs:

This type of FIBC bag includes the most common PP Jumbo Bags. It has a load capacity ranging from 500kgs – to 2000kgs. These characteristics change based on the customer’s tastes and needs. It’s being used to carry powdered, non-flammable dry material.

FIBC Bags with Conductivity:

They are made of non-conductive polypropylene fabrics, known as Type C FIBC bags. It is made up of intertwined provides superior and is ideal for transporting flammable powders or when dust and fumes are present when the sacks are being loaded or released.

FIBC Bags with Dissipative Properties:

They are constructed of antistatic fabric with static viscous dissipation strands. The PP Jumbo Bags are used to transport volatile materials or when there are explosive solvents nearby or around the bag. If water, oil, or other conductors infect the bag, you should stop using it.

Liners for FIBC Bags:-

These FIBC bags have polyethylene multi-layer laminated liners for transporting and storing highly absorbent goods. The liners are sewed or attached to the PP Jumbo Bags for added protection, infection prevention, and safety regulations.

The company Mahira Polyglobal can assist FIBC bag in avoiding any mishaps.

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