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A Beginner’s Guide about HDPE T Rib Liner Sheet

Ananya Dixit -

December 17, 2021

hdpe T Rib Liner

HDPE T-Rib Liners possess the capability to withstand multiple solvents as well as acids and are highly preferred liners for a chemical tank. These liners have higher resistance towards sulphuric acid which flows in sewage ones which would ultimately help RCC pipe from eroding.

The production of HDPE T-Rib liners is done from a superior quality thermoplastic material that possesses the outstanding potential to weld and that’s one of the reasons behind its smooth welding with the help of an extrusion welding machine. Moreover, it also gives solid strength.

It is also resistant against abrasion and lower coefficient of friction which gives the assurance of convenient release of wastewater in the sewage line. HDPE T Lock is considered to be an additional film inside of the sewage RCC pipes for the prevention of hazardous aggressive chemicals.

That’s one of the reasons behind the longer lifespan of sewage RCC pipes than concrete pipes.

What’s the use of the HDPE T-Rib Liners sheet?

One of the most popular points about this sheet is that even if any part of the sheet has been damaged due to any kind of reason, then the process to discard that part is quite easy. The remaining portion could be patched along with the brand new materials which I’ve I’ve better working performance.

  • Provides support to both sewers as well as pipeline
  • Bore the load of retaining wall as well as a dike
  • Can be easily used as a breakwater, wharf as well an independent wall
  • Provides stability
  • Enhances shallow driveway
  • For riverbed, beaches, desert as well as the regulation of river banks

What are the features of the HDPE T-Rib Liners sheet?

The team of highly experienced professionals at Singhal Industry Private Limited ensures that the manufacturing of the sheets is done by following all the strict measures regarding quality control for maintaining the finest quality of  and providing world-class service to the respective customers.

Some of the features are as follows:-

  • Highly resistant to abrasion
  • Huge flexibility of liner sheets
  • Resistant to sulphuric acid
  • Possesses good tear strength
  • Solid jointing strength
  • Availability of locking extensions
  • Higher potential of gold welding
  • Permanent grip
  • Outstanding resistance to friction
  • Can withstand both solvents and acids
  • Easy to repair after damage

What are the advantages of HDPE T-Rib liner sheets?

There are lots of advantages to liner sheets. Some of them are as follows:-

  1. Resistance Properties: It possesses outstanding resistance against sulfuric acid which is released in sewage pipe out of the slim flow and it is regarded as the primary cause behind erosion of RCC pipe. It is also resistant to most of the acid as well as solvents which makes it suitable for most chemical tanks.
  1. Welding ability: It is one of the finest thermoplastic materials which constitutes excellent weldability. It could be wielded by an extrusion welding machine as well as hot air. It also offers high as well as uniform jointing strength.
  1. Flexibility: These sheets are highly flexible and constitute locking extensions so that they can be embedded with each other. They can be bought in a wide range of thickness levels according to the specification of the client. It is also considered as an additional layer that lies above and over the concrete castings for the prevention of corrosion. Its damaged layers can be easily replaced with a brand new one.
  1. Accessible: This sheet is used by most of the construction engineers for the construction of canals, construction of sewage treatment plants, chemical tanks as well as tunnels. Most of the structures are made from concrete materials and bear the exposure of corrosive elements.
  1. Eliminates the risk of damage: They serve the purpose of a preventive barrier which also increases the lifespan of the RCC structure. It also facilitates the smooth flow of chemicals as well as water through the sewage pipes and canals. It can be easily stored in huge tanks for a long period without the risk of any damage to its concrete structure.

What are the applications of HDPE T-Rib liner sheets?

Some of the applications are as follows:-

  • Cell liners
  • Concrete Tanks as well as Tunnels
  • Tank linings
  • Chemical water line
  • Grease Traps
  • Protects basement

How to specify HDPE T- Rib liner sheets?

Below are its specifications:-

  1. Structure: It is ideal for T structure for assuring the tightness of the grip.
  2. Thickness: The thickness of these sheets ranges between 1.50mm to 5.00mm as per the client’s specification.
  3. Width: Its width is around 2500mm.
  4. Material: It is made from polyethene or PE.

It is available in different colours such as black as well as blue and more according to the requirement.

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