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Know in Details about Screw Barrel

Ananya Dixit -

October 16, 2021

screw barrel

A screw barrel is used to produce plastic processing machinery and is an integral part of the system. The screw barrel is one of the most intrinsic and fundamental parts of the plastic goods processing and manufacturing industry as it gives a mosaic and refined finish.

Features of Screw Barrel

To know about the product, it is essential to know its features in detail. So here we are providing you with the features of the screw barrel:

  1. It is not a high maintenance product and hence can be easily handled.
  2. It has excellent strength.
  3. The robust structure of the machinery increases the efficiency of the screw barrel
  4. It is highly durable
  5. Finally, easily available

Considering these features of a screw barrel, we can easily say that a screw barrel has all those qualities that define any machinery as efficient machinery.


We have already learned that screw barrels are used in the production of plastic industries; however, other than that, there are few other areas, such as

  1. The food processing industry
  2. Cable wire machinery
  3. Small scale industry
  4. Other than that, there are other industries where screw barrels can be used to smoothen the process of production and get the output.

All these applications make the screw barrel a favourite tool of the production industry in general.

Types of Screw/ Barrel

Like any other product, screw barrels too have their types, and there are several types of tips that you can consider if you are considering any kinds of screw barrels.

Screw tip assemblies- Any screw tip assembly, helps in injecting molding in the

  1.  Plastic manufacturing business. This requires the best design and is an essential item in any plastic products manufacturing business.
  2. Injection Molding Barrels- This is a full steel molding barrel where the prints and processing ideas are flexible, and you can make your customization. This product lasts for a long time and can ensure a smooth production process.
  3. Extruder Screws- Here is a process of creating a product by forcing metal through an orifice and forming the shape of the screw.
  4. Extruder Barrels- This is similar to the extruder screw; however, they are identical to that of the blow molding barrel. This is a mixed product and is one of the most efficient products.

These are some of the essential types of screw barrels that are present in the market.

Design Characteristics

Here are some of the specifications of the screw barrels, and here is the scientific mechanism behind each of the characteristics.

  1. The length and the diameter ratio
  2. Conformation geometric
  3. The angle of the helix and that of the pitch
  4. The ratio of compression
  5. Surface finish and construction materials
  6. Axial holes may be required for thermoregulation

These are the design characteristics required for the building of a screw barrel.

Types of necessary wear.

When you buy a barrel or screws, you have to match the types of wear you require.

  1. Abrasive Wear-    the fillers that damage any surface damage induced by talc, calcium carbonate, glass fibres, etc., can be sorted under abrasive wear.
  2. Adhesive Wears- When overheating occurs, one metal can cling to another—pushing away as the screw rotates. If we use adhesive wear, then you can have really tough and appropriate work.
  3. Corrosive Wears- if there is some chemical reaction, the screw and barrel get affected, and it immediately wears away. To avoid such problems, you must ensure that you are using corrosive wear while fitting the screw barrels.

These are the three types of wear available in the market, and based on your choice and your screw and barrel, you have to choose the kind of wear you want to use.

Importance of Screw and Barrel

Other than this, we want to discuss the importance of screws and barrels for any industry.

  1. It enhances the productivity and functionality of the machines
  2. If extruder screws, barrels are used when there is less maintenance and more efficient output.
  3. The screws are also long-lasting and durable.

Together, these factors help make the screw barrel an essential and pivotal part of the production industry.


We cannot emphasize enough the importance of a screw barrel, and all the information given above is authentic and checked by experts. If you need any help in the case of screw barrel, you can undoubtedly contact Mahira Polyglobal via our website, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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